World's best Portable Cricket Bowling Machine which can throw real size PU balls up to 125 kmph speed. 

It helps player of every level from beginner to professional to get his skills right.


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Technical Information

Trainer has all the new exciting features a professional cricket aspirant desires to improve his performance

PaceAttack Trainer cricket bowling machine is designed to bowl standard cricket ball sized PaceAttack PU balls which weigh 85 to 110 grams. PaceAttack PU balls are specifically designed for the trainer to provide the right bounce and least threat of injuries.

Pace Attack Trainer cricket bowling machine is equipped with the most advanced digital control panel unit which has high quality membrane keypad that provides smooth operations with effective display

Pace Attack trainer Cricket bowling machine can bowl as fast as 125 kmph starting from 60 kmph. Reducing the pitch length to 40 feet would make the batsman experience a blowing 150 kmph pace.

One can adjust swing variations from a minimum swing in the air to maximum banana swing. Swing Levels can help a batsman to set his choice of deviation angle in air and practice accordingly.

simple gear operated length change and easy turn line change, patent pending feature will make the coach life easier. Now it is as easy as opening a water bottle.

PaceAttack's Skill Test Mode is an excellent feature for a professional cricketer. Skill test mode with randomly varying pace and swing variations creates a real Match Situation. This PaceAttack Skill Test Mode is one of the most unique features a bowling machine has provided in the world of cricket.

The "Made in France" motors are specifically designed for high durability and quick recovery so that PaceAttack Cricket Bowling Machine is ready for the next ball even before you are ready for the next ball.

12V DC system enables the users to easily hook a 12V battery for a full wireless functioning.

PaceAttack Trainer with its new durable plastic covering is lighter than it ever has been. This makes it very portable.

PaceAttack Trainer comes with highly durable PU wheels which makes the bowling machine last longer and deliver the promised precision for years to come.

The new stylish 18 ball auto-feeder comes with a timer where you can select your required frequency of delivery intervals.


INR 35000
EX Factory

Made in France Motors

Swing Levels Upto 15

Easy Line & Length Change

Skill test Mode

Real Size PU Balls (110 gms) 


PU Trainer Balls

The highly durable PA85 PU balls designed for PaceAttack Trainer provides the best bounce and precise motion. 



The new stylish 18 ball auto-feeder comes with a timer where you can select your required frequency of delivery intervals.


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