Pace Attack Ultra Pro is a powerful and advanced cricket bowling machine designed for professional cricketers. 

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Lets Explore What Ultra can do for a batsman to get better everyday !

Our Features

We made it simple, practical and most useful features for a batsman

Pace Attack Ultra Pro Cricket Bowling Machine is equipped with advanced Digital Control Panel Unit. It is compact with high quality membrane keypad and excellent digital display.

Pace Attack is as fast as the fastest bowler int he world. One can face the top speeds against the machine with protective gear. Playing fast paced deliveries can help a batsman to develop his reflexes and hand eye coordination.

Pace Attack Ultra is compatible with 80 to 140 gram PaceAttack Pu balls. PaceAttack PU balls are specifically designed for the right bounce and the real feel.

One can adjust swing variations from a minimum swing in the air to maximum banana swing. Swing Levels can help a batsman to set his choice of deviation angle in air and practice accordingly.

PaceAttack's Skill Test Mode is an excellent feature for a professional cricketer. Skill test mode with randomly varying pace and swing variations creates a real Match Situation. This PaceAttack Skill Test Mode is one of the most unique features a bowling machine has provided in the world of cricket.

simple gear operated length change and easy turn line change, patent pending feature will make the coach life easier. Now it is as easy as opening a water bottle.

Metal Frame of Ultra Pro cricket bowling machine is built to last for ages and this rugged built is as strong as your zeal to become the best batsman. 

PaceAttack Ultra Pro bowling machine has the High grip Concave PU Wheels designed for precision and long lasting swings at high speeds. 

PaceAttack works on 24V Dc power supply and is easily adaptable with 24V batteries.

PaceAttack comes with an optional stylish 18 ball auto-feeder with time frequency option for ball release

Ultra Pro

INR 87500
Ex Factory

Speed Upto 160 Kmph

15 levels of Swing

Micro Line and Length

Skill test Mode

6 PU Dimpled Balls


PU Balls

140 gram PU Ball for Ultra Pro

Highly durable PA140 PU balls for PaceAttack Ultra Pro

Auto Feeder

18 Ball Auto feeder for Ultra Pro

PaceAttack comes with an optional stylish 18 ball auto-feeder with time frequency option for ball release


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